It’s 2023 and JD Graham is poised to officially enter his name into the songwriting annals with the release 
of his new album “Pound Of Rust” on June 23rd. Recorded at the Skinny Elephant in East Nashville and 
produced by Neilson Hubbard (Glen Phillips, Mary Gauthier, Kim Richey, Ben Glover, Amy Speace) and 
acclaimed songwriter Ryan Culwell, this spacious group of songs are the uninhibited testimony of a man 
with nothing left to lose. No bells and whistles, just Graham and his guitar, the album’s atmosphere is as 
raw as its telling captured in a live performance setting. The title-track is the hard taskmaster to which 
all the other songs fall into line. It’s a beast of a story that stares you down until you come to terms with 
your own accountability. The songs that follow are echoes of a well-worn soul who fought to have the 
right to see possibilities and experience reverence. “Letter From My Conscience” is the purest form of that 
sentiment and by far one of the most powerful songs in this collection. Song after song the listener is 
seized and silenced as the weight of Graham’s sincerity welcomes you into this hallowed chamber. JD is 
what you call a songwriter’s songwriter, a man who keeps a crowd hanging on his every word. “Pound 
Of Rust” is an actual lifetime in the making, and it encapsulates the full culmination of the man who 
stands before you today. JD continues to put his faith and trust in God and live life on life’s terms. He 
continues his path fueled by faith, redemption and sobriety, writing poignant songs about his journey 
both past and present.